Pen and Sword Club

The Pen & Sword Club was established over 20 years ago by the Pool of TA Public Information Officers to provide a link between serving and retired officers and supporters within the Ministry of Defence. Today it is a flourishing all-arms club with a membership drawn from Regular and Reservist members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, the Army, the Royal Air Force and civilian practitioners within the Ministry of Defence.

Its main mission is the promotion of media operations as a necessary and valued military skill in the 21st century.

Club members have applied their skills on operations around the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, the Falklands, the Gulf Wars, the Balkans, Borneo and with Multi National Forces in Lebanon and the Sinai.

The club’s membership includes successful business men and women who practise corporate communications or the associated professional skills across a spectrum of companies and organisations.

The club has an active national centre operating in London. There is a flourishing social section and a monthly dining club.

The club’s newsletter, Scratchings From the Pen is a popular read among members. It promotes networking and provides updates on current themes within media operations.